Sirubari is a remote Gurung village south of Pokhara that has been developed as a cultural tourism destination by the Nepal Tourism Board. It is an exceptional Nepalese experience for the tourist because it is not touristy! There are no gift shops, no fancy restaurants, no one asking you for money if you take their photo!

The only way to get into the village is to walk! Depending on the season this walk means passing by fields of millet or rice. There are several approaches to the village for trekking in, so be sure to ask me which one would be best for you.

Upon your arrival near the entrance to the village you will be met by representatives of the village in their traditional dress. After their warm greetings you will walk the rest of the way to the gompa (Buddhist monastery) where you will participate in their formal greeting ceremony. When this is completed your host family will take you to their home. The homes in this village are traditional stone structures often with lovely stone paved yards in front. Your host family will prepare your dinner and breakfast each day.

Guests sign a registry when they leave and again receive lovely flowers.

Generally if you are staying more than one evening (and it is recommended that you stay two or three nights) you will be treated to a performance of traditional dances and songs performed by the village young people.

Traditional dance performance