Kathmandu in Photos

These are photos taken in 2007 by Marty Thornton.

Take a ride in a colorful pedicab.

Window carving on building in Durbar Square

In Durbar Square

Durbar Square early in the morning

Near Durbar Square

Kala (Black) Bhairab in Durbur Square

Near Kala Bhirab in Durbar Square

Street vendor near Durbar Square

Flower vendors near a temple in Durbar Square

Durbar Square in the early morning

Puppets for sale in Durbar Square

Monkey God in Durbar Square

Elaborately carved door

Woman lights butter lamps by shrine

Street vendors by stupa in Thamel

Old woman by stupa

Prayer wheels by stupa shown above

Prayer flags and the top of a stupa with Buddha's eyes watching

Inside a Buddhist monastery

Young Buddhist monk outside monastery

Lion outside of monastery

Sweet bread fried on the street, this is yummy!  Best right from the hot oil!

A mother and her children on the street selling vegetables.

Vegetables nearly arranged for selling along with dried fish.

Another mode of transportation in Kathmandu

Stupa tops at Swayambhunath

Holy man at Swayambhunath

Street sweets!