Bird Watching

Nepal is an amazing place to see birds! If you want to spend some or all of your time in Nepal birding, there are over 850 species waiting for you. The range of topography and climate in this country has resulted in a diverse bird population. Below are some of the regions you might want to visit and the birds in those regions. I would be happy to arrange visits to any of these key birding locations.

Kathmandu Valley Birds

In the Kathmandu valley there are over 500 species of birds. The hills surrounding the valley offer both primary and secondary forests as well as rhododendron, oak and pine forests. Wetlands and open fields in the valley also provide a diverse habitat for birds.

The most popular bird watching location is Phulchoki hill which is the highest peak on the rim of the valley approximately 20km southeast of Kathmandu. So far 265 species have been seen there alone. Birds seen include: babblers, warblers, tits, thrushes, mini vets, woodpeckers and eagles along with migrant species. The Royal Botanical Garden is at the foot of the hill and here over 100 different birds have been seen such as the lesser racket-tailed drongo, Tibetan siskin and spotted fork tail.

Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve

The watershed is located 11km to the north of Kathmandu. The Nagerjun Royal Forest on Jamacho hill is about 5km from Kathmandu and is a famous site for birdwatchers to see blue magpies, kalij pheasants, Bonnell's eagles, and the great Himilayan target.

The Valley Wetlands

Wetlands in Kathmandu Valley are the banks of the Manochara river on the way to Bhaktapur, and the Bagmati river which flows into the valley from Shivapuri hill and then out through Chobhar Gorge. Both places are good for wading birds and other waterfowl. About 40 species can be found here. Taudaha, a lake on the way to Dakshinkali is one place you will find migrating birds.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

This is one of the best locations for birding.  It is witin Nepal's sub-tropical Terai belt and is the easternmost wildlife reserve in the county.  It is just to the northeast of the convergence of the Sapt Koshi and Trijuga Khola rivers.  Because it is on the Sapt Koshi floodplain the environment of the reserve varies during the Monsoon and dry seasons.  Over 280 different bird speices have been seen here.

Chitwan National Park

This is a very special place to visit, not just for the birds but for other wildlife.  There are 255 species recorded for this park.  This park has much to offer than just birding.  It is located about five hours from Kathmandu by road or less than an hour by air!

Bardia National Park

This is in the far western area of Nepal and is an area of jungle, forest, and grass land.  A boat trip on the Karnali River would afford many opportunites to see such birds as the Ruddy Shelduck, darters, brahmini kites, to mention just a few.

Trekking Regions

There are many birds that can been seen while trekking in one of the three major trekking areas in Nepal.  These are the Langtang Region about six hours north of Kathmandu by road; or Solu Khumbu which is eight hours east of Kathmandu and of course the Annapurna region which is six hours by road or less than an hour by air and is to the west of the city.  Annapurna may be the best of the trekking regions in which to see birds.