This photo was taken in September of 2012, my children are getting big!  My son is in school now.

About Me

Namaste and greetings from the Himalayan country of Nepal

To help you get to know me better, I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I became a trekking guide.

I am married and have two children and live in Pokhara. My home village, where I grew up, is called Serachour and is in the region of the Annapurana Himalayas, my family still lives there.

My first trekking work was as a porter. In 2000 I trained with the Pokhara Tourism Training Center and “His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, Ministry of Cultural Tourism Civil Aviation” to become a professional government licensed guide. My guide training consisted of two parts: (a) the theoretical course lasted for three months and provided the general information mainly about the topography, cultural scenery, the history, zoology, first- aid training with broad information on how to recognize and treat altitude sickness, rescue and other associated topics and (b) after the theoretical program I took the practical part that was 45 days in length and included rock climbing as well as camping organization.

I started to work for a company first as an assistant guide accompanying a senior group leader. After many trips into various regions I escorted my first group as a senior guide in 2002. This is my 10th year as either a senior guide or independent trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal.

I became an independent guide because during the period I worked as a guide for other trekking companies, I saw a lot of mishandling of clients and trekking staff because of the tight competition among trekking agencies. Working independently was a risky decision for me because big companies are able to attract many tourists through their advertisements. Being an independent trekking guide I am able to work directly with my clients, and provide them quality service. Most important to me is that we have clear understanding with each other as you and I will jointly plan your visit and trek together via email and through these emails we will also become friends!

Your safety and well-being are at the top of my priorities. I will create a trek or tour that meets both your interests and needs. I am able to handle all the logistics of your trip from meeting you at the airport to making reservations at guest houses/hotels, arranging for bus or air transportation, and most importantly to oversee every detail of your trek in our amazing mountains. It is important to me that your experience in Nepal be everything you want it to be.

Please write to me if you have more questions about me that I've not addressed here in this little piece “About Me”.

Hem Raj Adhikari, Nepal Teahouse Trekking